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Deep into the World of Dreams

Dream Make

Indie Game Studio Crafting Worlds of Wonder

Dream Make is an indie video game development studio for PC and consoles that aims to create games with deeply detailed, minimalistic or Toon design and a world story that captures and transports you to other realities.


Dream Make is an indie game development company that combines unique design, deep storytelling, and addictive game mechanics. We strive for continuous development and the best experience for our audience.

Our goal is to create games that inspire, surprise, and delight. We understand that each game should have its own unique style and depth, so we create projects that reflect our vision of the world.

At Dream Make, we design games that upend the usual patterns and reflect our dreams. We pay attention to detail so that each game becomes a world for our audience.

More about us

We are a team of creative professionals who create games with love and understanding of the gaming industry. We are committed to continuous development and innovation.

We work on games that capture the imagination and are memorable for a long time. In our work, we combine exotic mechanics and unconventional approaches to create projects that will be remembered and felt for real.

Years of dev

Summary projects

Games in work now

Our Team

Founder of company

Eduard Smilyi

Founder, CEO


Bohdan Dei

Digital marketer


Vitaliy Hulvanskij

Sound Designer and Composer


Danila Bodashevskyi

Lead 3D Artist/Animator


Anna Shulaeva

3D Artist

Game Design

Oleh Borisenko

Technical/narrative designer

Game Design

Andrii Morenchuk

Level designer


Les Torgovets

Unity Developer


Our goal is to create games that are engaging and leave a lasting impression. We work with in-depth storytelling, soft but colorful color palettes, and minimalist or Toon design. But at the same time, we use and combine exotic mechanics and non-standard approaches.

Our development team is a group of creative and motivated professionals who do their best to create the best games. We focus on producing games with a unique story and gameplay. We create games that leave a mark in the hearts of players.

Join our team

We are looking for talented game developers to join our team. At Dream Make, we believe that creating video games is an art.

We are looking for developers with a deep understanding of game mechanics, experience with development tools, and a desire to create something unforgettable. By joining our team, you will have the opportunity to work with renowned video game experts and create games that set standards in the industry.

Our company offers a flexible schedule and the ability to work remotely. Join our team to help us exceed expectations and make the world of video games more exciting!

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